Bill Shorten will be speaking to locals in Rockhampton on Monday night.
Bill Shorten will be speaking to locals in Rockhampton on Monday night.

'Robo' Bill Shorten ringing up to meet Rocky locals

THE Federal election may be over but Bill Shorten is still calling.

Rockhampton residents says they have received a recorded message from the Opposition leader ramb'ling on about this forum'.

Sharyn Bartlem was less than impressed.

How dare they ring and where did they get my number from? Goes to prove governments/politicians can get any private information on any person they want,'' she wrote on The Morning Bulletin's Facebook page.

Others were wondering who was footing the bill for 'doing the election over' again.

But supporters say people would be whinging if he wasn't coming to town.

The forum will invited questions from residents and according to local Labor figures will allow the community to drive the debate.

What do you want to talk to Bill Shorten about?

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The economy


Coal mining taxes


Shoalwater Bay


HMAS Tobruk


Bruce Highway upgrade


Healthcare needs


Better education


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Mr Shorten is expected to be hit with questions about the economic plight facing the region, which has double digit youth unemployment.

The Labor leader spent the weekend in Sydney where he took part in the City to Surf race.

He's also been hammering Malcolm Turnbull over his support for the big banks.

He says the LNP wants to give the big end of town huge tax cuts, but he wants to give the banks a Royal Commission.

So-called 'robo calls', along with automatic text messages, were used by both sides of politics during the 2016 federal election.

Voters in Tony Abbott's Sydney seat of Warringah, told of how they had received an automated call from the Department of Human Services telling her the pension had been increased.

The ALP also came under fire for sending out text messages, warning of the threat to Medicare under the LNP, which looked like they were from Medicare officials.

The ACTU also used robo calls to warn about the so-called threat to Medicare.

Perhaps someone might ask Bill Shorten about that tonight.

The forum will be held at the Frenchville Sports Club at 5.30pm.