Parliament House, Canberra.
Parliament House, Canberra.

‘High flying hypocrisy in Canberra this week’

High flying hypocrisy in Canberra this week

In these oh-so-woke times where symbolism is far more important than actually doing good, plenty of left leaning political groups really outdid themselves this week.

Far left groups were determined that our parliament needs to declare a ‘climate emergency.’ This isn’t just a recognition of climate change, but a full adoption of the language used by people who glue themselves to Brisbane streets and whose protest demands include ending colonial systems of oppression.

On Sunday, Greens MP Adam Bandt Tweeted with joy about a giant billboard declaring the climate emergency just outside Canberra airport. His loyal followers cheered, and no-one seemed to notice that it was a giant electric billboard blazing away in the darkness.

Then there was the plan to float a giant hot air balloon over Parliament House with a banner declaring the climate emergency. However, the Co2 emitted by flying a hot air balloon for an hour is no different than driving a car from Queensland to Parliament House.

Sure, these are only small amounts of pollution, but imagine lighting the garden on fire as a way to put out a house fire? But of course, these are better people than us, so their pollution is magically carbon neutral as it is infused with self-righteousness. Into parliament they strode demanding a vote to declare a climate emergency. The speeches were no different than those by the loons who hold up traffic.

Most repeated an outright lie that the government ‘isn’t doing anything’ about climate change and ignore that we are signed up to Paris and spending billions subsidising renewable energy, but that doesn’t play well on Twitter. We expect this crap from The Greens but it is concrete evidence that despite learning the lessons of the election and Albo’s listening tour, Labor is just as lost as it was under Shorten. Trying to out-Green the Greens isn’t the way to win normal people over. Adopting the language of ‘extinction rebellion’ is a dangerous sign of who the ALP are willing to ride with.

I was inspired to do a little digging this week to see if these people who wanted to declare an emergency do much to stop it in their own lives.

Labor’s Terri Butler is big with the Q and A crowd, loves a sanctimonious post on Twitter. But she isn’t great at helping the environment. She’s taken 22 taxpayer fights this year, adding tonnes of Co2 to the ‘emergency’. Mark Butler is Labor’s climate change spokesman. He’s quick with a press conference and a social media post demanding more action. However, he’s taken 47 flights paid for by you this year. As for Albo, well he’s taken 87 flights so far this year.

It won’t surprise you that The Greens are no better. Adam Bandt has flown at least 23 times this year, while the party leader Richard Di Natale has been on a plane 44 times. But the world champion for having it both ways, declaring a climate emergency but not letting it change your lifestyle is Senator Sarah Hanson Young. She’s been in the air 58 times this year.

Australians are sick of being lectured by people who say one thing, yet do another. They are tired of media that thinks the only double standards worth exposing are if someone who voted against same-sex marriage is cheating on their wife. We have had enough of the crazies defining the debate.

Voting against a climate emergency isn’t about saying climate change doesn’t exist. it’s about saying, “let’s tell the truth.” Australia is doing its bit and even if we switched the whole joint off the grid, stopped every car and went into darkness, we still couldn’t save the planet.

I’ll start listening to these politicians when they start showing they walk the walk.

Paul Murray is a broadcaster on Sky News. He can be seen Sunday to Thursday 9-11pm on FOXTEL and WIN.