An man has been deemed a high risk of reoffending after pleading guilty to raping a child under the age of 12.
An man has been deemed a high risk of reoffending after pleading guilty to raping a child under the age of 12.

‘High risk’ rapist filmed himself abusing blindfolded child


A MAN who filmed himself sexually abusing a blindfolded child is facing a lengthy jail term after an Ipswich court heard he as a high risk of reoffending.

In a disturbing case, the offences of 25-year-old Jerid Balibay caused a judge to ask for one week to reflect on the appropriate penalty.

Submissions revealed Balibay's use of cannabis, combined with mental health issues, was a major contributor to his disgraceful behaviour.

Appearing in the dock at Ipswich District Court, Jerid Rodolfo Balibay pleaded guilty to raping a child aged under 12; seven charges of unlawful indecent treatment of a child aged under 12; making child exploitation material; and possession of child exploitation material.

When giving his pleas Balibay told the sentencing judge: "I want to get my sentence over and done with so I can see people, start my life afresh".

Crown prosecutor Clayton Wallis tended two videos to the court, telling Judge Dennis Lynch QC the child exploitation material reflected the gravity of what occurred and should be placed on the court file.

He said the child exploitation material found by police on a USB stick depicted Balibay with the child, who the court heard was not a relative of Balibay.

Balibay was wearing the same distinctive boxer shorts that were seen in the video when he was first spoken to by police, Mr Wallis said.

Mr Wallis said two people may have been involved in one of the incidents, as two photographs taken by Balibay depicted a blue painted fingernail touching the child.

"When questioned, he was emphatic in his response which was: "I might be gay but not that gay", Mr Wallis said.

The child exploitation material charges related to 724 images and four videos - including 32 photos and two video files of the child victim - with Mr Wallis saying the girl was blindfolded in some images.

Mr Wallis said the acts committed by Balibay were degrading.

"He was implicated by his own stupidity; photographing himself looking at the camera, smiling, poking his tongue out," he said.

"He preyed upon a vulnerable child.

"On some occasions she was blindfolded.

"When spoken to the child did not disclose any offences, but she must be acutely aware of it."

Mr Wallis said medical reports before the court note Balibay was "a high risk of reoffending in a similar form as he is still a user of cannabis".

Mr Wallis said the report writer had general concerns as to the mental health wellbeing and stability at times of Balibay when interviewed.

"He does not seem to have that family support he needs," he said.

Defence barrister Scott Neaves said the report and material indicated Balibay, "is a young man with troubled long-term problems with substance misuse and certainly long-term mental health difficulties."

"He will need supervision. Has significant mental health challenges," Mr Neaves said.

Judge Lynch remanded Balibay in custody and adjourned the part-heard sentence for one week.