BRIGHT FUTURE: St Ursula’s College Year 11 student Katie Russell enjoyed studying Education as a Profession. Picture: Contributed
BRIGHT FUTURE: St Ursula’s College Year 11 student Katie Russell enjoyed studying Education as a Profession. Picture: Contributed

High school students get a taste of university

UNIVERSITY can be daunting for anyone who is starting their first course.

But four fearless St Ursula’s College Year 11 students are approaching it with a positive attitude.

Isabella Sutton, Indiarna Mann, Amy Leach, and Katie Russell began their study as Year 10 students in November, as part of CQUniversity’s Start Uni Now (SUN) program.

Katie, 15, studied Education as a Profession, and said the weekly Zoom conferences and discussions with other students were enjoyable.

“I think the SUN program is a head start for people who are interested in experiencing university at an early age,” she said.

“I received a Credit for Education as a Profession, and have commenced my second unit of study, Teaching Youth.”

Isabella said she enjoyed the challenge of the university coursework, because it was much different to her Year 10 studies.

“I really benefited from the SUN program, as it gave me a taste of what university study involved,” she said.

“I learnt new essay writing skills and techniques, which I will use in my Year 11 studies.

“Completing this unit helped me identify that education is the field I am interested in. I would like to undertake further study.”

Indiarna, 16, received a High Distinction for Study and Research Skills for Health Science, and Amy, also 16, achieved a Distinction in Biological Foundations of Psychology.

“I let my lecturer know that I was doing the unit as part of the SUN program, and they were very helpful and checked in with me throughout the term to make sure I understood the coursework,” Amy said.

“I found the Biological Foundations of Psychology unit fascinating. It definitely helped me to pinpoint what I want to study after secondary school, and that is clinical psychology.”

St Ursula’s deputy principal of learning and teaching, Belinda Connolly, said the diverse offerings at the college resulted in students exploring learning and study options while still enrolled in secondary education.

“St Ursula’s offers a range of learning options in the senior school,” Ms Connolly said.

“Students’ Senior Education Plans are individualised to meet their needs and suit their respective post-school intentions.

“The SUN program provides a stimulating pathway for those students who want to accelerate their tertiary learning.

“For each of our girls to score such impressive results is a testament to their dedication to learning, ability to manage their time wisely, and the support provided by their families, our college, and CQUniversity.”