FLOGGED: Amos Carpenter, 40, grabbed a teenage girl outside her home before “copping a flogging” from her dad.
FLOGGED: Amos Carpenter, 40, grabbed a teenage girl outside her home before “copping a flogging” from her dad.

Hooded man’s ‘chilling’ attack on teen outside home

A HOODED man "copped a flogging" from a teenage girl's stepfather after he grabbed her in the dark outside their Coast home.

Amos Carpenter, 40, was walking through Tewantin at 9.15pm on September 11 last year when he saw a 17-year-old girl getting out of her car.

Police prosecutor Jeanette Grigoris told a court the girl heard footsteps behind her before she turned around to see Carpenter, who wasn't known to her, wearing a hoodie over his head.

He grabbed the girl around the shoulders with both hands and pulled her towards him.

"The victim has pushed the defendant in the chest which released his grip from her," Senior Constable Grigoris said

"She has then started to scream and tell him to get away from her and 'don't touch her'.

"She couldn't run away as the defendant was standing in front of her and the vehicle was behind her, pinning her in."

The teenager's mother and stepfather came running out of the house in response to their daughter's screams and she was able to flee as Carpenter stepped back.

"An argument between my client and the father then ensued," defence lawyer Joshua Bradbury said.

"Now on my client's instructions … he was struck with a metal pole to the head.

"He was then struck a number of times, struck to the back of the head.

"Dad took matters into his own hands."

Mr Bradbury said Carpenter remained at the scene after "he copped a flogging" and a neighbour called an ambulance.

He was later charged with common assault.

The matter was listed for a hearing in mid-January before Carpenter decided to instead plead guilty today at Noosa Magistrates Court.

He had no criminal history.

Mr Bradbury said Carpenter drank almost a bottle of spirits before grabbing the girl.

He said Carpenter received 13 stitches in his forehead as a result of being hit with the "rusty pole" and still had metal fragments in his head.

Carpenter had been on a disability support pension for two years and was previously a labourer on the highway upgrade.

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin said it seemed like no one would ever know exactly what was going through his mind at the time of the incident.

"It's chilling isn't it, we don't really know what your intention was," Mr McLaughlin said.

" … I'm sure she was terrified wondering if she was going to be dragged off or God knows what.

"Nobody is suggesting you intended to do anything like that as I've already clarified with the prosecutor.

"We don't know if you were going to do anything and maybe you didn't intend to do anything- just grab her by the shoulders."

Mr McLaughlin said Carpenter was asking for trouble by grabbing the girl outside her house and any father in that position "would lose their mind" as a result.

Mr McLaughlin said because there was no submissions made about what Carpenter intended to do, he had to sentence him on the basis that he had no "sinister intention".

"That's why I don't accept the prosecutor's submission that you should receive a term of imprisonment," he said.

Carpenter was fined $600 and the conviction was not recorded.