Kids harassing customers at Rockhampton shops

POLICE are investigating reports a group of youths has been harassing customers and staff at Rockhampton shopping centres.

A post on Facebook about an attempted handbag snatch and allegations glass bottles were thrown at cars and customers in the Stockland Rockhampton car park sparked a huge online debate yesterday.

Further reports suggest similar incidents have occurred at various centres across the region.

A Queensland Police spokesperson said three suspects had been identified and investigations were continuing after a juvenile tried to steal a staff member's bag on Sunday afternoon.

In a post on Facebook, the victim said she was walking to her car and reached into her bag to get her keys when she felt a big tug on her bag.

"I looked down and saw a kid reaching into my bag to steal the purse," the victim said in the post.

"I let out a yell and started chasing a group of youths and yelled at them to come back but they kept running.

"Security was called and the cops caught them not far out of the car park.

"These kids have been a nuisance of late. I was also told that they have been throwing glass bottles at people, especially the elderly.

"If these kids are not dealt with in some form, they will grow into adults and God knows what they will do then."

A Stockland Rockhampton spokesperson said due to recent incidents, security had been increased at the centre.

"Stockland Rockhampton is aware and working closely with local police in relation to recent incidents at the centre," the spokesperson said.

"Stockland takes all customer complaints very seriously. The safety and security of our customers, tenants and employees is paramount and we are dedicated to providing a safe environment for all.

"In response, we have immediately increased security in the centre until further notice.

"Stockland will continue to work with the police to assess how our centre management, the police and social agencies can work together to help address these issues."