Hoon gets instant karma for illegal stunt

A SYDNEY driver picked the worst possible time to do a burnout, with a police car driving around the corner right in the middle of the reckless stunt.

A video posted to Facebook group Ozzy Memes shows a man sitting in a black Holden Monaro on a street in Arncliffe.

He waits for a few cars to pass before performing a burn out in the middle of the road.

He was right in the middle of the illegal stunt when a police car just happened to turn the corner and witness everything.

The truck driver, whose dashcam the video was recorded on, can be heard laughing as the police come into view.

The video has been shared 9.8 thousand times and viewed 515 thousand times.

He likely won't be on the road any time soon.

If it was his first offence then his car would have been confiscated for three months or impounded and he would have probably copped a fine.