OPINION: Hoons are a menace on local roads

OKAY, before I start this sermon on road safety and hooning, I will admit to being a bit of speed demon myself in my younger days.

Yes I have done some silly things on the road, yes I did speed and yes I have been booked for speeding.

In fact I got booked only a month ago when I didn't see an 80kmh sign coming out of a 100kmh zone.

I did the wrong thing and I needed to be fined.

That said I am now a pretty sedate driver, my wife often says I drive like a grandma.

What changed my driving style? Well working as a photojournalist for the last 16 years I have seen more than my share of dead people on the roads.

Speed is one of the major causes of fatal crashes and I have seen too many young people killed or maimed because of stupidity.

The young driver caught doing 148kmk in a 60kmh zone Wednesday night might be feeling unlucky he was caught by police.

In my book he is lucky, hooning and excessive speed only lead to one thing, crashed cars and heartache for family in friends.