‘Horrific’ pig hunting video sparks debate


WARNING: Graphic content

A "horrific" viral video of a wild pig being shot by a hunter before being set upon by a pack of dogs has sparked intense debate online.

It's unclear where the video originated, but it has been viewed more than 1.2 million times since being posted to Twitter by an animal-rights activist late last month.

"Do you think real man should (sic) hunting & killing the animals?" he wrote.

"Do u think hunting it's a sport? See this hunter so proud of killing this poor wild pig using sniper rifle and his dogs while he filming. RIP poor pig I feel sorry for you. RT if u are against trophy hunting."

Many users agreed, with one person slamming "bored mindless monsters" hunting for sport. "Everything about this is horrific," they said.

One person wrote, "These hogs are fierce. It's too bad that this one didn't make it before getting the man with the rifle."

Another said, "This is so very cruel and wrong and sad not even wild pigs are allowed to live there (sic) lives in peace it makes so very sad that we live in such a cruel world."

But gun rights advocates and hunters soon began weighing in on the "clueless" post - pointing out that the hunter in the video was neither trophy hunting, nor using a "sniper rifle" but a shotgun.

"Feral hogs destroy farmland, not only by eating crops, but by rooting and wallowing in the dirt," one wrote. "They endanger peoples' livelihood. This isn't trophy hunting, and you're out of touch."

Another said, "Wild boars are a huge problem in Texas. They ruin crops, attack livestock, and in some rare cases have seriously injured humans. The population is out of control and the state has allowed them to be hunted en masse as a solution."

One person suggested, "To make amends for this, you should go out and give a wild boar a hug. Wild boars deserve to know that we aren't all like this. #HugAHog"

Australia is home to an estimated 24 million feral pigs. Hunting them with dogs is legal in some parts of the country, with laws varying between states and territories.