ROCKHAMPTON Hospital car parking woes will continue for the foreseeable future given the multitude of problems across the state in all health sectors.

State Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Cameron Dick was sympathetic of the difficulties facing the community regarding the car park but admitted he had other priorities.

"The priority is to ensure the best possible clinical and medical care for patients, that's things like new radiation oncology treatment, the new intensive care unit, reducing the waiting lists for people to see specialists," Mr Dick said.

"That has been my priority since I became minister but I will continue to work with the board and work through issues related to car parking.

"This is something we will continue to work on with the board.

"There are a number of issues with the car park, a number of issues that relate to its design, location, how much car space, what sort of facilities might be incorporated in the new building and I know Paul is leading that work."

Mr Dick said ensuring safe and clinical care for patients was the number one priority.

"We will need to work through all of the priorities for all of the hospital and health services across Queensland," he said.

"I can't commit funding today and I want to be upfront and genuine about that but I know it's a priority for the community.

"The balance for me is ensuring safe and clinical care for patients in the hospital.

"This includes maternity care, intensive care, cancer treatment and specialist outpatient appointments.

"We need to ensure we get that right."