Donna's photos of Jimmy the dog and his friend Sheep enjoying the wet in Winton
Donna's photos of Jimmy the dog and his friend Sheep enjoying the wet in Winton

How CQ is responding to the rain

Green shoots are aplenty following last weeks rain - despite little more falling this week - the country land appears to be reacting well to the falls.

However, addressing the falls earlier this week, Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Kimba Wong said, “it was no drought-breaker.”

Falls reaching triple figures fell over much of the Central West extending north to the gulf as isolated showers in that region continued.

Yesterday, Donna Midgley Paynter from Wando Station near Winton recorded another “sneaky” 8mm overnight which brought her summer total up to 160mm.

“Pets (and people) overjoyed with the green change in the landscape,” she said.

Much of the falls last weekend fell into Fitzroy catchment areas with rivers and dams in the system recording significant boosts.

Fairbairn Dam boosted from below nine per cent to more than 14 per cent in less than a week as 186,000ml rushed into the dam.

Downstream, Bedford, Bingegang and Tartrus weirs all remain at more than 100 per cent capacity.

Fairbairn Dam Levels 6pm. Jan 31
Fairbairn Dam Levels 6pm. Jan 31

Eden Bann Weir has jumped from 36 per cent to 39 per cent since last week.

Downstream further the Fitzroy Barrage is also on the way up.

Earlier this week, council staff said they expected the barrage to be full in a matter of weeks.

“Today at the Rockhampton Regional Council’s Airport, Water and Waste Committee meeting it was reported that the Fitzroy River Barrage is at 69 per cent capacity but in a matter of a few weeks it will be full again,” councillor Neil Fisher said earlier this week.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services declared they were now shifting focus from the bushfires that dominated the start of summer to storm, flood and cyclone season.

“Our focus now shifts to storm and cyclone season, with parts of the state already experiencing significant rainfall and storms,” QFES Commissioner Greg Leach.

Despite the good news for the Fitzroy system, other water sources in the region are still in dire straits.

Mount Morgan’s No. 7 Dam sits at 29 per cent and has just triggered the next round of water restrictions.

Callide Dam is at 29 per cent. and has been on a steady decline since mid-2017