CQ's Bachelor and Bachelorette Ed Barrett and Simone Stokes on their first date.
CQ's Bachelor and Bachelorette Ed Barrett and Simone Stokes on their first date. Allan Reinikka ROK170918adate3

How was CQ Bachie winners' Ed and Simone's first date?

SIMONE Stokes came from behind to win The Morning Bulletin's CQ Bachelorette title and a date with CQ Bachie, Ed Barrett.

But the sudden run on votes for Simone may have had a just a little bit of help from her date, Ed along with every friend he could muster.


First date: First date
First date: First date

"Obviously Simone was the pick of the bunch, but I also didn't want to go on a date with an 18-year-old," said father-of-two, outdoorsy type Ed.

"Unless you do something different, you don't really get out of your comfort zone."

But as the competition wore on, things started to get interesting.

Ed knew he had a good chance and there was just one girl he had his eye on.

"The numbers were changing all over the place and I had to make it right," he said.

"It was the Vote Simone campaign. I asked all my Facebook friends to vote and then to share and ask their friends to vote.

"It's been fun, and this is definitely something different on a Monday night."

Occupational therapist Simone has only been in Rockhampton for six months it seemed she was almost destined to win from the start.

Five of her friends had tagged her in The Morning Bulletin's Facebook page when the competition was launched.

She was the judges first pick, and then there was the Vote Simone Campaign.

"I was in shock for a little while, I had no words," she said of realising she was CQ's Bachelorette.

"This is totally different for a Monday night.

"It's a different experience; and it's not like you're going to do it all the time."

Our couple were off to a good start last night when Ed brought Simone a rose, and to his relief she turned up.

They were treated to $250 to share at the Boathouse Restaurant overlooking the Fitzroy River and courtesy of The Morning Bulletin.

So have we uncovered something; will they have a second date?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.