BEST SELLER: QBD manager Cassie Robertson says the new Hunger Games book is flying out the door.
BEST SELLER: QBD manager Cassie Robertson says the new Hunger Games book is flying out the door.

How you can get your hands on copy of new Hunger Games book

WHEN Hunger Games fan Cassey Robertson learned a new book in the series was near release, she was thrilled to say the least.

However, as manager of Stockland’s QBD bookstore, she predicted it to be only a matter of time before the novel would eventually become one of the store’s bestsellers.

“It’s been really very good, it’s an extremely popular series,” she said.

“We expected it go pretty crazy when it was released and it definitely has.

The latest instalment was released early last week and has since been flying off bookshelves and pre-orders across the globe.

Set 64 years before the original series, The Ballard of Songbirds and Snakes prequel delivers the historical origins which Hunger Games fanatics have long-been craving.

Ms Robertson first encountered the books during her time working at another bookstore, Angus and Robertson – and has been a self-confessed enthusiast ever since.

“I’m half way through my copy and I’m loving it,” she said.

“I was a massive fan of the Hunger Games series when it first got released all those years ago.

“There was always a buzz around those sorts of styles of books and I thought I would give them a read, and I completely fell in love with them. I’ve been really keen to pick up this copy.”

While business, she admitted, had encountered its both good and bad days, the new release had certainly brought out many of the diehard fans.

“I’ve spoken to quite a few of our customers initially when they picked up their pre-orders. The excitement, that’s been huge. All of our pre-orders were picked up the day of release,” she said.

“I’ve yet to speak to anyone that’s halfway through like me, but I’ve just come off days off so really got stuck into it.”

Though reluctant to give any spoilers away, Ms Robertson said fans were in for a literary treat at the hands of globally-renowned author Suzanna Collins.

“What they’re really going to get from this book is that backstory before the hunger games, how it came to be and why the hunger games were invented. We get that massive look into its history that I think fans have really been craving,” Ms Robertson said.

“I’ve loved it all, I can’t honestly say that there has been one that was better than the other. It’s just the introduction to that whole word again, and visualising it has been great.”

Despite the store remaining open during COVID-19 shutdowns, Ms Robertson said there had not been too noticeable a spike in overall book sales.

“It’s like anything at the moment, we have our good days, our slow days, it’s just a matter of keeping a positive attitude. It’s just one of those things during this pandemic.”

The Ballard of Songbirds and Snakes is now available in-store for purchase.