Huge number of Victorians turned away


ALMOST 1000 people from Victoria have been turned away from Queensland's road borders in the first three days since the Sunshine State eased entry restrictions.

From midday on Friday until late Sunday, 850 people were refused entry

to Queensland at border checkpoints after police determined they had been in Victoria - the one state still barred from entry, in the past 14 days.

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The overall figures have been collated from interstate checkpoints across Queensland, but the Gold Coast, which has accounted for the vast majority of traffic, recorded 200 turnarounds, with many more motorists busted at checkpoints in country regions straddling the NSW border.

Signage warning motorists cross the border into Queensland of 90 minute delays.
Signage warning motorists cross the border into Queensland of 90 minute delays.

In one case, six people crammed in to a mini-van were busted at the border and fined a total $24,000 for lying about their whereabouts in their declaration passes.

Another woman was also fined $4004 yesterday for lying to police about her movements through Victoria.

Checks by police quickly ascertained that she had not only been in Victoria, but that she had travelled extensively through known hot spot areas.

Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler from Gold Coast Police said the cases served as perfect examples of why border checkpoints were still necessary.

"We recognise that most people will do the right thing, but unfortunately, there are others who will blatantly flout the laws," he said.

"It's cases like these instances which are exactly why we have these border patrols. It's disappointing."

Originally published as Huge number of Victorians turned away