PD Ajax and officer-in-charge, Sergeant Craig Law.
PD Ajax and officer-in-charge, Sergeant Craig Law.

’Huge void’: Police dog dies after shock diagnosis

A Sunshine Coast police dog affectionately dubbed Captain Fluffy Bum has died after he was diagnosed with cancer.

PD Ajax, 10, served the region as part of the Sunshine Coast Dog Squad from 2012 to 2018 when he was medically retired.

He was described as having "a bark like no other" with many fleeing offenders experiencing his tenacity and commitment to helping keep the community safe.

Ajax was responsible for the detection and capture of numerous offenders, including those wanted for armed robbery, the unlawful use of motor vehicles and breaking and entering.

He also helped track down the odd missing person along the way.

PD Ajax with his family.
PD Ajax with his family.

After six years in the dog squad, Ajax spent his remaining time with his handler officer-in-charge Sergeant Craig Law.

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Sgt Law remembered Ajax as a loyal partner but, more importantly, as family.

"Handlers and their dogs develop bonds during their working lives that cannot be matched," he said.

"While Ajax tracked down offenders with enthusiasm, at home he was a fierce protector of my family and quickly became one of us.

"There is no doubt that while he liked being a police dog, he found getting spoiled at home was just as much fun as tracking an offender."

Ajax was affectionately known to his family as Captain Fluffy Bum.

Sgt Law said his passing was "very unexpected" and his absence had left a huge void for his family.

"In particular for his favourite 'handler', my wife Abby," Sgt Law said.