A sketch of John Chardon in Brisbane Supreme Court yesterday
A sketch of John Chardon in Brisbane Supreme Court yesterday

Husband’s alleged actions after wife went missing

ACCUSED wife killer John Chardon is arrogant, obnoxious, offensive, rude, ­­self-centred, selfish, sexist and stubborn.

And that's just what his legal team says about him.

But the Gold Coast businessman's defence barrister Tony Kimmins yesterday told the jury trying the man for murder there was one thing Chardon was not - a killer.

The lubricant manufacturer is on trial in Brisbane Supreme Court for the murder of his wife Novy Chardon, 34, who went missing in 2013.

He has pleaded not guilty to her killing.

The frank assessment of Chardon, 72, by his own defence barrister came as it was yesterday sensationally revealed the accused killer allegedly called a carpet cleaner after his wife went missing to clean her room, before asking a friend who arrived at the house looking for Novy to have an affair with him.


John and Novy Chardon on their wedding day
John and Novy Chardon on their wedding day


Novy was last seen on February 6, 2013.

She has never used her bank accounts, left the country or seen a doctor since that date, but her body has never been found, the court yesterday heard.

Her car was found near the Nerang train station about five days after she went missing.

The jury yesterday heard Novy met John Chardon in 2000 and the couple married after just one month of dating.

But in 2009, friends reported there were issues in the marriage, the court heard.

During 2012, the pair lived separated under one roof, with each having several affairs, the court heard.

The court heard Novy had told friends she had seen a lawyer in the days before she went missing.

The court heard the same lawyer had prepared a legal letter, which was sent to Chardon on February 6, 2013.

Crown prosecutor Mark Green yesterday told the jury it was the prosecution's contention that Chardon killed Novy after receiving a letter from her lawyer about their separation of assets.


John Chardon is arrested in June 2016
John Chardon is arrested in June 2016


"Novy Chardon is dead and she was murdered by the defendant John Chardon. This trial is that story," he said.

"In telling you that story … you'll see that it is not a story in the traditional sense, with a complete middle and end.

"It's a story … where some pages are missing.

"It's a story, nevertheless, that will lead you to … reach that conclusion."

During his opening address, Mr Green told the court Novy had spoken to friends about finalising her separation from Chardon and had been visibly upset about her ­marriage ending on the day she disappeared.

After being unable to contact Novy the next day, a friend went to Novy's and Chardon's home.

The court heard Chardon told the friend that Novy had packed her bags the night ­before and left.

He allegedly told the woman the house was a mess, showing her Novy's bedroom and saying he had cleaned the carpet, the court heard.


John Chardon
John Chardon



Novy Chardon
Novy Chardon


He then propositioned her to have an affair with him, the Crown alleges.

Mr Green told the jury the friend was expected to give evidence that the carpet was wet when she arrived at the home and a rug, which she had previously seen in the home, was missing.

"Because this is an entirely circumstantial case, there will be parts of the story that are missing, but the story will be compelling enough for you to know what those missing parts are," Mr Green said.

He later said: "The last word in that story will be 'guilty'."

Novy's mother and brother yesterday gave evidence, via a video link from Indonesia, saying the woman had been fearful after Chardon's gun went missing.

They told the court she also told her family she wanted a divorce when she visited them in Surabaya, Indonesia, in early-2013.

"She was afraid John would do something," Novy's mother Estralita Aler said.

The trial continues today and is expected to run for four weeks.