INSPIRATIONAL: After enduring a
INSPIRATIONAL: After enduring a "living hell” while growing up, Dianne Spencer is now helping other people have healthier lives and relationships. Warren Lynam

I escaped from a life of 'living hell'

PEOPLE regularly tell me that I'm "an angel" or that I have literally saved their lives.

They often say that they couldn't have gotten were they are now without me.

Its wonderful to know that I've made a difference to people's lives and I'm deeply humbled. However, all I did was pass on what I found worked for me.

I decided many years ago that if something worked for me, then it's probably going to work for someone else.

This was the start of my professional career.

My early life was sadly, like hundreds of thousands of men, women and children all over the world.

A story of violent abuse, rejection and abandonment and living in terror and abject poverty.

This was "home".

Home was a living hell and I spent all my childhood and adolescence trying to escape/survive the terror of my daily existence.

School was my safe haven. For those few hours a day I was safe; I could breathe.

When I was12, to my horror, my mother told me I wasn't allowed to go to high school.

I had to stay home and help run the family business.

However this was just the cover story to ensure I was at his mercy. I knew then I was trapped and there was no way out.

I did escape from my home which had become my prison, after my mother took my four brothers and left, leaving me behind with my torturer.

I knew then that if I didn't escape, I would die at his hands or I would finally be successful in ending my life.

I was 19.

The journey from hell to wholeness was a long process of buying every self help book on the market, doing courses, workshops, seeing doctors, counsellors, psychologists and even churches to try and find the answers to end my pain.

I tried everything but nothing worked. Nothing taught me how to heal.

However by the time I came out the other side of the painful dark tunnel, I had learnt some "real tools" that taught me how to heal, once and for all.  

This is what I have been teaching the thousands of people over the past 25 five years.

You can heal and break free from your past; you just need the right tools.

We must heal if we want to create a healthier life for ourselves, our relationships and our children, or we will continue to pass on the toxic patterns and cycles, despite doing everything we can to prevent this.

Dianne Spencer endured sexual and physical abuse at the hands of her stepfather from the age of three until she was 19. Today she runs the Breaking Free counselling service. Call Dianne on 54760296 or visit