Comedian Mandy Nolan.
Comedian Mandy Nolan.

'I may be a comedian, but politics is no joke'

Mullumbimby resident Mandy Nolan was confirmed as the Greens candidate for Richmond.

The popular comedian, publicist, author and activist said she was happy to 'throw her hat in the ring'.

"I may be a comedian, but politics is no joke," she said.

"I'm putting myself forward because I want to see our politics deliver for the people, not big donors and corporations " Nolan said.

"For 30 years I've fought to give a voice to the voiceless in our community, now I'm going to take that fight to Canberra."

Nolan said Richmond needs a local member who is serious about tackling the issues facing this region in a time of intense change.

"We are seeing unprecedented growth, we've got tourism, Airbnb and big tech transforming our region," she said.

"We're seeing millions of dollars pouring into luxury homes and meanwhile, we've got the highest rate of homelessness in NSW.

"On top of that, we are already facing the impacts of climate change through serious flooding, coastal erosion and bushfires.

"We need to tackle these issues head-on before it's too late, and it has to be driven by the interests of the community, not developers."

The artist said Australia needs leaders that represent their community, not their corporate donors.

"The Greens don't take donations from corporations trying to buy influence, so by voting to put a Greens MP in parliament, you're sending a message to the Nationals and Labor that inaction on the climate crisis and skyrocketing economic inequality isn't good enough."

Adam Bandt MP, Leader of the Australian Greens, confirmed the nomination.

"At the coming election, Richmond voters are some of the most powerful in the country," he said.

"The next federal election will be very close and by voting for Mandy Nolan, people will get a powerful local MP right in the middle of parliament.

"Mandy will fight to make the big corporations and billionaires pay their fair share of tax so that we can get rid of public school fees and put dental into Medicare. Mandy's a long-time local who won't take crap from anyone and will really shake things up in Canberra."