GOBSMACKING video has emerged of a BBC television director Fergus Beeley threatening a family in a bizarre road rage incident.

In the footage, Mr Beeley, who has worked with legendary wildlife documentary maker David Attenborough, has a meltdown reminiscent of a Basil Fawlty brain snap, although there is nothing endearing about this man's rant.

"You're under citizen's arrest. Put your hands on the car and get ready to die!" Mr Beeley screams as he manhandles Simon Gale, 33.

That's just one of several amazing one-liners in the video, which has inspired a Facebook tribute page after going viral.

The drama erupted after Mr Gale was involved in a minor crash with another woman on the M27 near Portsmouth in England's south coast on Saturday morning.

Mr Gale was travelling with his wife Louise, their 11-year-old son and his mother-in-law Victoria at the time and the family was calmly exchanging details with the woman when Mr Beeley pulled up in another car and went nuts.

Mr Beeley is filmed calling the family "wankers" and at one point calls Victoria: "an old slut, a big slut".

As Mr Gale gets out the car, a woman says: "You said you want us dead,"

"I do want you dead, in fact I want you dead right now!" an agitated Mr Beeley replies. "Put your hands on the car and get ready to die, this is a citizen's arrest."

He then jabs his finger at each family member screaming: "You're under a citizen's arrest, you're under a citizen's arrest, you're under a citizen's arrest and I tell you what, you are, too."

A woman can be heard off camera shouting: "That's my f**king 11-year-old son. That's my 11-year-old son what's he done?"


Unfazed, Mr Beeley continues to shout: "You're under a citizen's arrest."

The passenger asks a passer-by to act as a witness, who then bravely tries to stand up to the BBC director.

"I got punched by her," Mr Beeley tells the passer-by, an allegation the woman in question instantly denies.

"You didn't see her on the motorway with dangerous driving," he says.

"He needs a doctor, somebody needs to call the doctor", a female passenger in Mr Gale's car is heard to say.

When the witness asks Mr Beeley why he is involved, he claims he was just "trying to stop a death on the motorway."

"I'm not going to quieten down, because this is a citizens arrest," he continues, before the footage ends.

Two videos posted on Facebook and Twitter by a relative of the family called Horace Beaumont have been viewed hundreds and thousands of times in just two days.

"Look at this vile man assaulting me and verbally assaulting me and my family today due to a road rage incident!" Mr Beaumont wrote in the July 22 post.

"This twats (sic) wife pulled over us on the motorway today witch (sic) started all this! Could all my friends share this so it gets to David Attenborough as he is a director of his TV programs! This vile man is called fergus beeley! (sic) Please share this around to show how crazy people are."