A Cherbourg man has been served a three month prison sentence after threatening his family with an axe. (Picture: File)
A Cherbourg man has been served a three month prison sentence after threatening his family with an axe. (Picture: File)

‘I will take your head off’: Axe-wielding man walks free

A 45-year-old Cherbourg man has been sentenced to three months' prison, suspended for 12 months, after threatening his family with an axe, knife and glass cup.

After Sergeant Barry Stevens read the charges, the defendant said his family acted stupid and carried on every weekend.

"When I do something stupid they make a big scene and turn it into police when they do it every weekend," he said.

"I don't drink or do drugs and yet they get on the ice and drink every weekend and make out I'm the bad person."

Murgon Magistrates Court heard that on July 18, about 2.45am the defendant entered his wife's room, woke her up and after she told him he needed help he grabbed a glass cup from a bedside table, raised it and said "I will put you in intensive care I will bash you right up".

Later that morning at 10am the defendant was sitting on the sofa when the victim came over and said "I'm tired because of you, you don't know what you did last night".

The defendant said "you want me out again, you have another man?"

The defendant then grabbed a metal axe off the table held it up in his right hand and yelled "I will take your f--king head off, I'll give you one good blow to the head".

The victim was extremely fearful and started to apologise until the defendant put down the axe, the court was told.

The pair then got into a verbal argument before the 20-year-old son emerged from his bedroom and told the defendant to leave the victim alone.

The defendant then said, "I know you c--ts don't want me here," before grabbing a sharp knife and walking towards the victim.

The court heard the victim used a table to distance herself from the defendant before two other children exited their bedrooms and saw the defendant with a knife.

The family calmed down the defendant, convincing him to put down the knife before he walked outside and was greeted by police.

Sergeant Stevens said the defendant was acting erratically when police arrived.

"When the police arrived on scene the defendant said he had pulled a knife," Sergeant Stevens said.

The defendant's defence lawyer Alan Korobacz said there were no intentions behind the threats.

"He came home and was tired, got up in the middle of the night and there were no intention to those threats," Mr Korobacz said.

"He did these silly acts, which he now regrets, with no intention to hurt anyone. They were just threats.

"He pleaded guilty in a timely manner, hasn't offended for eight years and will be looking to move to Townsville to live with his father, mother and sister."

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair said he accepted there were no intentions behind the threats.

"Taking into account a guilty plea, previous mental health issues that have surfaced in this incident and the fact that the defendant hasn't offended in eight years I accept they were only threats," Mr Sinclair said,

"You caused great fear for the family, however were easily convinced to drop the weapons.

"You intend to go and live with your family in Townsville who have expressed their concerns for you and are willing to look after you.

"Taking into account you have already served 17 days, I will be giving you a three-month prison sentence on a 12- month suspension, with release eligibility as soon as you are processed."