Iced up truckie busted after hauling a car on top of a truck

A TRUCK driver with ice in his system was caught out when police spotted his unusual load, an Ipswich court has heard.

Police patrolling the Cunningham Highway at Tarome saw Alex Redman's truck pass when they were speaking to another driver, and later intercepted Redman at Aratula, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard.

The driver, Alex Andrew Redman, 39, from Woorim on Bribie Island, pleaded guilty to committing a severe risk breach in compliance with dimension load requirements for a heavy vehicle with goods at Aratula on October 3; driving when a relevant drug (methylamphetamine) was present in his system; two charges of failing to appear at court; and doing wilful damage at Woorim on October 20.

Prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said the flat-bed truck looked to be overloaded, due to the fact it was carrying another truck which itself had a Holden sedan secured to its bed.

The court was told the vehicles projected over the sides of the truck and were deemed to be a severe load risk.

Sgt Dick said the truck had no warning signs, flags or visual references to warn other drivers.

Redman was taken to Yamanto police station, where his saliva tested positive to methylamphetamine.

The unrelated charge of doing wilful damage involved Redman damaging a sliding security door at the home of a person he accused of not paying their rent. Mobile phone camera footage of the incident was taken by the complainant.

Defence lawyer Alexis Oxley said Redman was a truck driver with 20 years of experience and had been working with his employer at the time of the Cunningham Highway matter.

The court was told he was ultimately responsible for the offence.

"He instructs that methylamphetamine is not something he is addicted to and has no current issues," Ms Oxley said.

"He will lose his employment as a consequence of losing his licence."

Magistrate David Shepherd said it was a serious breach and represented a serious danger to the community, exacerbated by the fact Redman had a relevant illicit drug in his system at the time.

Mr Shepherd said while there was no suggestion the drug had impaired his capacity to drive the truck, it was still not a smart move. Mr Shepherd said the truck and the car appeared to be secured to the truck, but it was the length beyond the axle that created the danger.

Redman was convicted and fined $1200, with his licence disqualified for one month.

For failing to appear in court and the wilful damage he was fined $700.