DISCUSSIONS CONTINUE: Residents protest the proposed location of Rocky's first drug facility.
DISCUSSIONS CONTINUE: Residents protest the proposed location of Rocky's first drug facility. Meg Bolton

'I'm going to fight for it' Battle for rehab centre not over

ALMOST three weeks after the drug rehabilitation centre community consultation, residents have met with politicians to ensure Queensland Health's promises are kept.

Six Riverside residents met with MPs Barry O'Rourke and Brittany Lauga to discuss the centre's progress. Mrs Lauga said it was an extremely constructive meeting.

"It gave Barry and I an opportunity to talk face to face with the residents who had concerns,” Mrs Lauga said.

While discussions at the community consultation were passionate and fiery, Mrs Lauga said Monday's meeting was calm and focused on finding a solution.

"I'm looking at bigger picture. I just want to find the right site because it is desperately needed.

"I'm going to fight for it.”

Consultation on the Parkhurst site was paused after the community forum on July 18, where residents pleaded with Queensland Health to move the site. Mrs Lauga said Queensland Health was eager to hear from Rockhampton Regional Council to work towards a possible solution at the music bowl site.

"Barry and I will work with these residents, Queensland Health, council and the community to find the best site possible,” she said.

Mrs Lauga said the music bowl site was the preferred site for the centre, but Queensland Health chose the Parkhurst site after failed negotiations with the council.

The Riverside residents shared the meeting's outcomes on their Stand Together and Say No Facebook page, which was made in protest of the Parkhurst location.

Their biggest concerns were the progress of the Music Bowl site, whether the Birkbeck Drive location was still a possibility and who will make the final decision.

"We will continue to apply pressure behind the scenes. For now, we all need to keep our voices heard and our message clear,” they wrote.

"We are not aligned to any political party nor do we have political agenda - we are just families, wanting to best for our children, loved ones and to feel safe in our homes.”

The next meeting is expected when more information about the Music Bowl site is released.