'Immature, impolite': Melania's brutal snub to Jill Biden


Before she leaves the White House, Melania Trump will break with a 70-year-old tradition for outgoing First Ladies with a brutal gesture.   

Several US outlets are reporting that Mrs Trump will not be not giving her successor Jill Biden a tour of the family wing of the White House, and that she hasn't even reached out to the Bidens since the election.

The move has been blasted as "immature and impolite" by veteran White House reporter Kate Andersen Brower.

The tradition that has continued under tense political circumstances and dates back to the 1950s when Bess Truman hosted her replacement Mamie Eisenhower.

Meanwhile, her husband has still not congratulated Joe Biden or invited him for the traditional tea visit in the Oval Office.

He will be skipping Mr Biden's inauguration -  making him the first ex-president to snub his successor in a century and a half.

Tomorrow, he'll travel to his Mar-a-Lago golf club residence in Florida, departing the White House early in order to benefit from full presidential travel privileges up to the last minute.

Marine One will take him from the White House to Joint Base Andrews to catch Air Force One - the presidential plane that will no longer be his to use from noon.

Melania Trump delivers her farewell speech. Picture: Supplied
Melania Trump delivers her farewell speech. Picture: Supplied

This morning, Mrs Trump has given a farewell speech to the American people, saying it was an honour to have been the nation's First Lady over the past four years.

She called on Americans to come together in the face of current political tensions.

"The promise of this Nation belongs to all of us. Do not lose sight of your integrity and values. Use every opportunity to show consideration for another person and build good habits into your daily lives," she said.

"In all circumstances, I ask every American to be an ambassador of Be Best. To focus on what unites us. To rise above what divides us. To always choose love over hatred, peace over violence, and others before yourself.

"Together, as one national family, we can continue to be the light of hope for future generations and carry on America's legacy of raising our nation to greater heights through our spirit of courage, goodness and faith.

"No words can express the depth of my gratitude for the privilege of having served as your First Lady."