In denial: Why LNP boss must resign today

LNP president Cynthia Hardy must resign today. Forget the state convention in July when she will be booted out. She must go now.

Time is of the essence for the beleaguered LNP after deep divisions have consigned the party to a shadow of its former self.

For Ms Hardy to describe our three-part series into the LNP's dysfunction as a work of fiction shows she's not only delusional, but will continue to be part of the problem if she is left in the job much longer.

Since those reports were published, this newspaper has received more than 220 emails or texts from former or current members applauding it for blowing the whistle on the division within the party.

They have written with their own horror stories of being banished for questioning the status quo.


LNP president Cynthia Hardy won’t admit the dysfunction in the party.
LNP president Cynthia Hardy won’t admit the dysfunction in the party.


Ms Hardy has been in the regions recently with LNP leader David Crisafulli, witnessing the sort of "white-hot anger'' that was canvassed throughout the series.

She refers to former and current members who spoke about the problems facing the party as cowards.

Was she referring to Lawrence Springborg, Jeff Seeney, Gary Hardgrave, Rob Borbidge and Adrian Schrinner - a former opposition leader, deputy premier, federal minister, premier and lord mayor? Big call.

Ms Hardy's letter personifies everything that is wrong about the modern-day LNP.

For so many people - some on the record, others off the record, for fear of retribution - to say there's a serious problem, and then have the current president say "nothing to see here'', illustrates the type of madness that frustrates members.

The LNP has a once-in-a-generation chance to blow this thing up.

If they don't, they only have themselves to blame.






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