Vale Adam Clark
Vale Adam Clark

In memory of a true wildlife warrior

A FORMER Taroom wildlife warrior has passed away.

Environmental campaigner Adam Charles Carr Clark died on Sunday September 13.

Mr Clark had a long association with Wildlife Queensland.

Over the years he served in various executive roles at the society’s Upper Dawson Branch.

In the 2000s up until late 2018, Mr Clark was the Branch Project Officer and interacted with various government and industry groups to gain protection for our environment, wildlife, historical and cultural heritage.

In recent times Mr Clark and his wife Dot relocated to Toowoomba as his health demanded more frequent attention.

Fortunately, he still shared his wisdom and direction with Wildlife Queensland’s head office by phone until very recently.

He has always had a close association with the Society’s head office in Brisbane and was a frequent visitor to its annual general meetings.

Mr Clark was made an Honorary Life Member of Wildlife Queensland in 2005 and in 2013 was awarded the Margaret Thorsborne Award as the outstanding member for that year.

Under Mr Clark’s guidance, the Upper Dawson Branch won the campaign of the year award in 2011 for the campaign on Coal Seam Gas industry impacts.

The lifelong passion of the greenie grazier and farmer from Bimbadeen, Taroom has been to work with nature and fought hard to conserve this treasured heritage for future generations.

He believed the present generation had no moral, financial or legal right to thieve natural heritage from future generations.

Mr Clark was instrumental in securing environmental protection for Robinson Gorge, Lake Murphy and Expedition Range, and having ooline reserves declared areas of environmental significance.

He also frequently gave advice on the management of national parks, in particular Taunton National Park.

Mr Clark was a key player in stopping the construction of the Nathan Dam on the Dawson River, organising scientific studies to protect the habitat of the endangered Boggomoss Snail. Naturally, he will always be associated with that activity as the snail was named in his honour, Adclarkia dawsonensis.

Mr Clark will be greatly missed by Wildlife Queensland.

He not only talked the talk, he walked the talk – he was a man who fought to save his treasured natural heritage to prevent reckless, unsustainable development that occurs in the name of progress.

Vale Adam Clark.