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Influence: Ex-Premier named in new O'Brien bank probe call

GYMPIE'S Wide Bay federal MP Llew O'Brien has named former Queensland Premier Anna Bligh in a new call for investigations into bankers and their government associations.

He named Ms Bligh, now the head of the banking industry lobby group, along with former New South Wales Liberal Premier Mike Baird, now on the Executive Leadership team of the National Australia Bank.

And at the bureaucratic and advisory level, he named Ken Henry, "now chairman of the National Australia Bank” and once "Treasury head and a former economics adviser to Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard.”

And whoever benefited from those links, it does not seem to have been us.

"I'm not sure that such deep political and banking relationships have worked well for banking customers when so many have been damaged and suffered loss,” he said.

Meanwhile Mr O'Brien said he would keep up the pressure for”swift and comprehensive” action on the royal commission's recommendations.

Proper implementation would be "essential to protecting banking customers into the future, and ensuring that our confidence is justified in these institutions that are so fundamental to Australia's economic security.”

Mr O'Brien told of a tense conversation with ex-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, but said within 48 hours of speaking to him last November. the Prime Minister had come around and backed the inquiry.

"And within 24 hours of talking to then Treasurer Scott Morrison and Financial Services Minister Kelly O'Dwyer, the government backed calls by my Nationals colleagues George Christensen, Senators Barry O'Sullivan and John Wacka Williams and myself.”

The industry had left "a trail of victims in its wake.”