Fever clinic at Blackwater Rodeo Grounds on Friday morning.
Fever clinic at Blackwater Rodeo Grounds on Friday morning.

Influx of Blackwater residents expected for weekend tests

IT WAS reasonably quiet this morning at the Blackwater Fever Clinic as the news settles in of the first COVID-19 case this week.

Today is the second day of the fever clinic, following the news of Nathan Turner passing away and was found positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday afternoon.

News of the death was released on Wednesday morning and that afternoon, Blackwater Hospital had tested 31 patients.

On Thursday, the fever clinic at Blackwater Sports Ground tested 220 patients.

It has been much quieter on the grounds this morning with cars slowly trickling through.

The Morning Bulletin has been speaking with many local residents and most of the community are unsure if Mr Turner’s positive result was real as he had been widely known to be quite sick for some months.

Fever clinic staff are expecting it to be busy on the weekend as people will be off work.

Fever clinic staff are urging people to make bookings.

Phone 4920 5800 to make an appointment, the line is open between 5am and 8pm.

The fever clinic will remain at Blackwater until at least Monday, to be reassessed next week.