Rockhampton region Airport, Water and Waste Chair Councillor Neil Fisher.
Rockhampton region Airport, Water and Waste Chair Councillor Neil Fisher.

Irrigators rejoice: Water changes you need to know about

CHARGES for those on the Fitzroy Barrage Water Supply Scheme have been dropped by 8 per cent for next five financial years.

The proposed new charges, which are pending adoption by full Rockhampton Regional Council meeting this week, follow a recently completed review of charges for the FBWSS.

Water committee chair Neil Fisher said it should come as good news to the 296 rural customers within the FBWSS.

“We review the pricing structure every five years, and there are a number of factors that go in to the calculation,” said Cr Fisher.

Costs to be recovered are associated with the operating expenditure, depreciation of assets and a return on capital.

This decrease is primarily related to a decrease in the weighted average cost of capital.

The previous allocation fixed charge rate for medium priority water was $34.43 and will now be $31.65 per ML.

For high priority, it was previously $51.65 and will now be $47.48.

“For this review we are happy to report that the cost of delivering the FBWSS has decreased by 8 per cent.

“As this program operates on a cost recovery basis, we are able to pass that 8 per cent saving directly on to these customers.

“We know that every little bit can help, so we’re happy to share this news with our rural landholders who have a water allocation under the FBWSS.”

Once adopted, the new charges will be applied to water allocation holders with the FBWSS for the years 2019-20 to 2023-24, when the next review is due.