Resource Industry Network general manager Adrienne Rourke.
Resource Industry Network general manager Adrienne Rourke.

Is anyone challenging veracity of activists’ claims?

CHALLENGING the misinformation circulated about coal mining practices is one of the many things we do here at Resource Industry Network, particularly in current times.

But what's more challenging is understanding the copious amounts of media coverage afforded to anti-mining protesters.

One would have to ask if this level of continued coverage is justified?

Are the protesters being challenged about their own actions? For example, how are they travelling to all of these demonstrations?

Is anyone challenging them on the mis-communications they're spreading?

Does the media continue to cover these repetitive events in the hope that they capture conflict?

To their credit, however, Mackay businesses have not engaged in this type of behaviour, and we would strongly encourage everyone to always react politely, safely and within the law, no matter how frustrated the situation becomes, and to contact the police if necessary.

Climate change is a serious and complex challenge faced by all of humanity.

As such, it is vital to improve community understanding of:

- The mechanism of climate change;

- Australia's place in the global use of fossil fuels; and

- The contribution of the resources industries to Australia's economy and standard of living, including our ability to respond to climate change.

RIN acknowledges the comprehensive scientific basis regarding climate change and supports global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We are also proud of our members' efforts to lower emissions in their own operations by improving energy efficiency and adopting renewable energy where possible.

As a sector, there are many businesses working toward smart solutions in this area, while at the same time helping maintain a way of life that we all enjoy.

Adrienne Rourke, Resource Industry Network