STALKED: A 68-year-old Gympie woman has been left badly shaken after being followed home by a young man.
STALKED: A 68-year-old Gympie woman has been left badly shaken after being followed home by a young man. innovatedcaptures

Gympie stalker leaves woman too scared to leave house

A GYMPIE woman has been left afraid to leave her house after an early morning stroll became a creepy nightmare.

Sixty-eight years old and with a bad heart and a walking frame, the woman - who asked to remain anonymous - said she has been left deeply unsettled after being followed down Mary St and back to her home by a young man.

"I haven't been out the door since," she said.

"I haven't been for my morning walks. I'm too bloody scared."

According to the woman, she first noticed there might be a problem when she turned on to Mary St just past 7am on Saturday.

"I saw a young guy walking down the middle of Mary St," she said.

"I noticed him, one because he was walking in the middle of the road and two, because he had his hand on his crotch.

"He was staring at me and it made me edgy."

Worried, she continued up the street but knew he was trailing behind because "his feet were making sort of a clomp noise".

When she looked back, she said he continued "staring at me".

Heading further up the street, she was relieved when he crossed the road - only to see him walking a bit further ahead and continuing to turn around and stare. Then, he crossed back to her and asked if she had seen his wallet.

"I said ring the police, maybe someone handed it in," she said.

Walking past the post office and turning the corner, she then received the fright of her life.

"This voice behind me spoke and made me jump six foot.

"It was him again, and he said 'can I ask you a question?'"

Thinking he would be asking for money, she instead heard a more unnerving question.

"He said 'do old ladies have sexual feelings?'

"My jaw dropped, and I didn't know what to say."

Taking off with her walking frame, she said she was relieved to see the man head off towards the library.

The relief was short-lived, though, when she soon found him staring at her from the bottom of the stairs as she passed.

Bolting as fast as she could, she passed her house and headed for the next corner, only to see him standing there waiting.

"He must have run all the way to have got there."

A quick retreat down a neighbour's driveway to safety finally ended the ordeal, but not before being badly shaken by the "dreadful" experience.

"The first night it was 30 (degrees) in my lounge room but I had all the doors and windows locked and all the curtains closed," she said.

"I'm shaky; I didn't sleep very well, I'm still leaving a light on in the bathroom so I've got a light in the hallway.

"I feel very vulnerable, and I hate feeling like that because I've always been a very independent sort of a lady.

"I'm watching all the time.

"It's not nice; it's horrible."

While she had been willing to shake her experience off merely as "overreacting", she was told by police another woman had also made a complaint.

After another woman said she had a similar experience in an online post, she decided she wanted to warn others.

"He was only a young guy, maybe 20-22, short back and sides hairdo - I noticed that because it was tidy - black t-shirt, baggy shorts, no idea what he had on his feet.

"I'd hate for somebody else not to be aware."