Issac Regional Council Mayor Anne Baker at the Adani Renewables Australia's Rugby Run solar farm.
Issac Regional Council Mayor Anne Baker at the Adani Renewables Australia's Rugby Run solar farm. Emma Murray

Isaac council gets prepared for Adani protests

MAYOR Anne Baker has made a pledge on behalf of Isaac Regional Council to protect local businesses against the potential threat of anti-Adani protesters.

Recent reports suggest more regional protests may be imminent and, as displayed by the Stop Adani Convoy in April, Isaac could become ground zero for further action by conservationist groups.

Cr Baker said IRC communities were "entitled to respect” from visitors, and disruptive activities in the region would not be tolerated.

"Unlawful measures used by extreme activists to attract publicity for their cause, such as the scenes in Brisbane today, are an affront to many in the wider community,” she said yesterday.

She said if such actions made it to the Isaac communities, those involved could expect to be dealing with the police.

"Enforcement and prosecution of such unlawful behaviour is entirely a matter for the police,” Cr Baker said.

"However, council will not condone any damage to, or interference with, community infrastructure and facilities for whatever reason.

"We have internal procedures in place to manage incidents such as unlawful access to council-owned sites.”

Cr Baker acknowledged the view point of those against the developing the Galilee but said it was one "not shared by this council, which is proud to represent the resource communities of the Isaac”.

"We do respect the rights of people to express their viewpoint through peaceful demonstration,” she said.

Cr Baker stressed the importance of IRC communities benefiting from the project.

"Council is absolutely committed to ensuring our local businesses and local residents gain genuine benefit from resources projects being developed in the Galilee Basin, starting with Adani's Carmichael Mine,” she said.

"We will be advocating strongly to ensure such projects are subject to the State Government's Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities Act, which this council lobbied long and hard for.

"This legislation provides a mechanism to consider the economic and social impacts and potential benefits of any major resources project on surrounding communities.”

She also hoped residents would have access to their fair share of Adani jobs.

"Council will also be working directly with project proponents to ensure promises of local jobs and local investment are realised for the benefit of our community,” she said.

"We will be holding Adani to their word that people will not need to catch a plane to secure a job at the future Carmichael Mine.”