faceless man in hoodie standing isolated on black
faceless man in hoodie standing isolated on black

‘I’ve got a gun’: woman’s car theft ordeal

PREVIOUSLY referred to as a "stereotypical menace" by a Townsville Magistrate, Tyrell Elwood James Watson was back in front of Townsville District Court on an attempted car theft charge.

High on ice, while on parole, Watson was "not thinking clearly" when he approached a house at 5am on November 18, 2019, according to Crown Prosecutor Nigel Rees.

After hearing a noise, the woman opened her front door, spotted Watson with something in his hand.

When she tried to close the door, he said "don't call the cops, I've got a gun".

Fearing for her four children, she threw her spare set of car keys and barricaded the door.

When Watson tried to open the vehicle, he discovered the battery for the keys was flat and was forced to flee the scene, before being arrested later by police.

He pleaded guilty to one count of common assault and another of stealing.

Mr Rees said Watson had served 133 days in pre-sentence custody and this latest offending was in range for another prison sentence.

Defence barrister Dane Marley said his 20-year-old client was using up to 1g of methamphetamine per day at the time of his offending, and had been using the drug since he was 17.

Watson had never held a job, and had embarked on a personal training course while in custody, saying he intended to find a job while living in Kelso with his sister.

Judge John Coker said it was clear that the victim of the attempted car theft was in fear, as a result of the threat to shoot her.

"It must have been a very troubling experience for her. Obviously then the need for punishment looms as a significant factor here," Judge Coker said.

Taking into account Watson's remorse, early plea and his offending being at the lower end of the spectrum, he sentenced him to 133 days imprisonment, released immediately given time served.



Originally published as 'I've got a gun': woman's car theft ordeal