Jamie Oliver has horrified fans by putting grapes on a pizza.

The Naked Chef, 45, revealed the controversial "secret ingredient" of his speedy sausage pizza on UK TV show Keep Cooking Family Favourites with son Buddy, The Sun reports.

He said to his son: "I was worried you wouldn't like the grapes", but insisted rosemary combined with the fruit are a "match made in heaven".

Jamie Oliver horrified some viewers by putting grapes on a pizza.
Jamie Oliver horrified some viewers by putting grapes on a pizza.

Viewers felt differently though.

"Absolutely disgusted watching Jamie Oliver putting grapes on pizza," viewer Angela Reitch commented on social media.

"The most shocking thing I've heard tonight: Jamie Oliver put grapes on a pizza. With sausages. That's enough. I'm out," tweeted Tony McKelvie.

Twitter user Andrew Horton added: "Grapes on a pizza! As if pineapple wasn't controversial enough."

"I've just watched Jamie Oliver put grapes on a pizza, I feel violated," another viewer wrote.

Oliver even put up a poll to see if people agreed with his idea of putting grapes on pizza. It didn't go his way.

Oliver's 'grape' controversy comes after fellow celeb chef Nigella Lawson was called out for her banana skin curry.

She said: "I can't bear throwing anything away. And when I found out that you could eat banana skins, I couldn't get in the kitchen fast enough. It's a revelation.

"And for those who feel hesitant about the idea, I assure you that you would never guess my banana skin curry had banana skins in it. You wouldn't even think bananas.

"I love that this is a dish made with something that would normally go in the bin, although that wouldn't be enough to justify its presence in the program. It's there because it is just a glorious thing to eat."

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