Jamie Manuele is battling a brain tumour.
Jamie Manuele is battling a brain tumour.

Jamie turns his head towards family when they are speaking

JAMIE Manuele is still fighting for his life, after being diagnosed with a brain tumour last month.

A Morning Bulletin article on Wednesday reported that the father-of-four is recovering in a Brisbane Hospital after having surgery.

His grandmother Jill Burke yesterday said despite Jamie's situation being dire, there was still hope.

"Doctors have done another MRI and there's some brain activity.

"We think he can hear, because he has turned his head towards the family while they're speaking," Jill said.

Most of Jamie's family are by his bedside in Brisbane praying for a miracle.

Meanwhile Jill keeps in touch daily from Rockhampton.

"Family call me everyday after they see Jamie," Jill said.