CONTROVERSIAL Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan has addressed harassment allegations levelled at him in his first television interview since the scandal broke almost a year ago.

Mr Costigan was expelled from the LNP and Opposition leader Deb Frecklington referred the matters to police.

He has strenuously denied the allegations.

Mr Costigan denied claims he was a "sexual predator" when questioned about the allegations by Peter Gleeson on Sky News on Monday night.

"Welcome Jason Costigan, now the obvious question for you tonight is, are you a sexual predator?" Mr Gleeson said.

"Not at all Gleeso," Mr Costigan responded, adding that the claims were "BS".

When pressed further on whether police had contacted him about the allegations, the Whitsunday MP said he had never received a phone call from police.

Mr Gleeson also asked whether he was continuing to pursue a defamation case over the scandal.

Sky News commentator Peter Gleeson with Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan, right.
Sky News commentator Peter Gleeson with Whitsunday MP Jason Costigan, right.

In August last year, Mr Costigan met with high-profile lawyers in Brisbane to discuss taking legal action in relation to the allegations levelled against him.

"More will be revealed in due course," Mr Costigan said on Monday.

He said the scandal and his treatment by the LNP remained a "sore point" for him.

"February 1 - that was the day that the LNP, or the southeast liberals as I call them, that was the day they declared war on North Queensland," Mr Costigan said.

"Not only have they picked a fight with me, they've picked a fight with people north of the tropic of Capricorn."

Mr Costigan also described himself as the "underdog" and said he was "quietly confident" of retaining his Whitsunday seat with his new political party, North Queensland First.

He said neither Annastacia Palaszczuk nor Deb Frecklington would be the next Queensland premier when quizzed by Mr Gleeson about his prediction for the October 31 poll.

"I don't think Deb Frecklington will get to the election, I believe the Member for Nanango will get rolled," Mr Costigan said.

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