Jennifer Lawrence accidentally pashes Natalie Dormer

NATALIE Dormer had to "get Jennifer Lawrence off my face" after the pair accidentally locked lips on the red carpet.

The Hunger Games co-stars were at the London premiere of Mockingjay Part 2 when the slip up occurred during a filmed interview.

Lawrence swooped in from one side to peck Dormer on the cheek, but got quite the surprise when they touched lips instead.

With a wave of her hands and a laugh, Lawrence, 25, exclaimed, "Oh my god, sorry".

Then without missing a beat she followed it up with: "We just kissed on camera, and I liked it.

The pair have worked together on the last two films in The Hunger Games franchise, and were just passing on the red carpet at the time.

Dormer turned back to the camera and exclaimed: "I'll get Jennifer Lawrence off my face".