A Brisbane woman plastered posters with her love rival's photo, phone number and address around Brisbane after her husband dumped her.
A Brisbane woman plastered posters with her love rival's photo, phone number and address around Brisbane after her husband dumped her. Vitalii Gubin

Jilted wife targets love rival with visit-for-sex posters

A JILTED wife subjected the rival for her husband's affections to a two-year campaign of harassment by plastering suburbs with abhorrent posters encouraging strange men to visit the couple's home for sex.

Teena Maree Stafford nailed and wired the call-for-sex and visit-for-sex posters - with photos of the woman and her mobile number and address - around northern Brisbane.

She also repeatedly slashed the tyres of her former husband's cars and threatened to kill his new partner.

The 50-year-old's reign of abusive terror ended on Friday when Brisbane District Court Judge Julie Dick sent Stafford to the slammer.

The court heard the jealous and angry mother of two staged a relentless operation of harrassment from 2015 to 2017 against her husband of 17 years, his partner and his partner's mother and grandmother.

Stafford was devastated when she found out the man was having an affair with their mutual female friend, the court was told.

When he ended the marriage, she hung posters debasing him, his lover, the woman's mother and grandmother.

The offensive material included the mobile numbers of the three women.

When the primary victim changed her phone number, Stafford added her home address to the material.

She used an electric screwdriver, nails and pieces of wire to affix the posters to trees and wooden power poles.

The signs were created in her garage.

When the victims tore them down, she swiftly hung more in their place.

The campaign of terror continued until her former husband and his neighbours found her lurking around the streets near the victims' home.

"Pull it down and I will just put up another one," she threatened the man and his partner when they tried to remove them.

"Come on c***. I will get you," she said.

"I will kill you b***** and wipe that smile off your face."

The man took photos of Stafford hanging up the signs and police were contacted.

A criminal investigation was not enough to stop her though, with the court hearing she continued offending after she was spoken to by police.

Stafford pleaded guilty to two counts of stalking with violence, supplying a dangerous drug to prisoners and other trafficking and possession charges.

The supply offence related to her involvement in transporting drugs into Wolston Correctional Centre for two inmates.

Judge Dick described the posters as "mean" and "scurrilous" and said her former husband's partner was a "prisoner in her own home" for the two years.

Judge Dick said the woman's 14-year-old son was also a victim, with him often being home when men knocked on the door seeking sexual favours.

Judge Dick said he would have been extremely embarrassed, especially as his young mates would have seen the signs.  

"It was a mean, mean stalking - a bad stalking," Judge Dick said.

"There was no excuse for it. 

"This is a public embarrassment to the woman.

"It brought men to her front door and it went on for two years.

"The signs were disgusting."

Judge Dick sentenced Stafford to three years in jail.

Stafford will be eligible for parole in January 2020. - NewsRegional