SEEK ATTACK: Eumundi resident Linda Volk has received a nasty rejection letter from a
SEEK ATTACK: Eumundi resident Linda Volk has received a nasty rejection letter from a "potential employer" when she applied for a delivery driver position. Photo Patrick Woods / Sunshine Coast Daily.

Seek fires back at employer over vile tirade

JOB search provider Seek has hit back at a nasty email tirade from an employer that called a job seeker a "lazy, jobless disgrace".

Eumundi resident Linda Volk recently applied for a position of delivery driver at an interior design business from a private advertisement on the job search site.

Within minutes she received an "uncalled for" email from said hirer, whose business name is unknown, accusing Linda of having zero qualification for the job, despite her currently being employed as a delivery driver for a pizza business.

The hirer went on to call Linda a "lazy, jobless disgrace" and questioned whether she was "just fulfilling requirements so you can continue to collect the dole".

Seek reached out to the Daily to respond to Linda's experience, and said that it was important for their customers to know they did not, and would not write such a comment to a job seeker in response to an application.

"On behalf of Seek, we are sorry that Linda has had this experience," a spokesperson said.

"The organisation responsible for posting this comment is being investigated, and the job ad has been removed."

On the job search site, when a hirer contacts an applicant through the AdCentre, other than the candidate's name and the subject line, no other copy can be edited or applied.

As the email was signed off with "Seek Employer" with the automatic "Sent from my iPhone" signature, it is believed the hirer manually added these phrases outside of their job ad.

"We know how challenging searching for a job can be," the spokesperson added.

"Through our Career Advice page we provide tips and information to give jobseekers the confidence to progress their career goals."