JOB SEARCH GOES VIRAL: Kelli Johnstone was thrust into the media spotlight trying to find a job.
JOB SEARCH GOES VIRAL: Kelli Johnstone was thrust into the media spotlight trying to find a job. Allan Reinikka ROK070617ajobsi2

Jobless Rocky woman thrust onto national stage

WITH her job search efforts going nowhere, Kelli Johnstone was desperate for something to change so she turned to the media for assistance.

Since the Morning Bulletin publicised Kelli's impassioned plea for employment on Monday after 500 failed job applications, her story has gone viral and her phone has been running hot.

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Over the past couple of days, Gracemere mother of two Kelli, 25, has appeared on the website Kidspot, radio station HOTFM and in a live cross to Channel 7's Sunrise program.

WATCH: Kelli's segment on Sunrise

"It was crazy, very overwhelming," Kelli said.

"I just thought it was going to be the CQ paper, maybe a couple of companies would contact the paper, I never thought it would ever go that big."

She said Sunrise's David "Kochie" Koch saw her story online and was gravitated to her plight as a struggling Aussie battler, hence she was quickly thrust into the limelight of of national TV.

"I was very nervous but it was an amazing experience," she said.

"I've heard lots from family, my phone has gone crazy with notifications with a lot people in other cities congratulating me on going public."

She said she hasn't received an extreme amount of job offers but she was more than willing to be patient.

"I've had a few potential offers for casual positions that I'm very thankful of," Kelli said.

"I have an interview today with Stellarosa for barista work.

Kelli said she was lucky enough to be contacted by a human resources expert who offered her some professional resume and social media advice.

With her spruced up new resume, Kelli planned to send it off today to some other companies who had indicated interest in giving her a start.

She said her future is looking very bright and she hoped other companies in the region would rally together to give young people like her a chance to get their lives on track with a steady job to look after their families and pay the bills.