KEPPEL DECIDES: The candidates have listed their election promises.
KEPPEL DECIDES: The candidates have listed their election promises. Contributed

Keppel's candidates map out their election promises

WITH the state election only one sleep away, now is a great time to go through the full list of election promises from each of Keppel's candidates.

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Peter Blundell - LNP:


FRENCHVILLE INFRASTRUCTURE: LNP Candidate Peter Blundell has plans to fix the traffic congestion in front of Frenchville School.
LNP Candidate Peter Blundell. Leighton Smith

Our commitments to Central Queensland are part of a bigger picture plan to deliver improved infrastructure, reduce living costs, create jobs, provide cheaper electricity, and support community-led projects. We will also provide additional support across frontline public sector services including health, education and police.

  • $130 million for construction of Rookwood Weir, a project that will provide up to 2500 jobs, secure water supply for Livingstone, Rockhampton and Gladstone and help transform the region's agriculture sector.
  • Collaboration with Rockhampton Regional Council and the Department of Transport to solve traffic congestion issues around Frenchville School - the largest primary school in Rocky.
  • Promote and implement improved access for recreational boating anglers and ocean users through better infrastructure and community-led exploration of marine precinct options.
  • Improving lighting and sporting infrastructure through a $300,000 investment in the multi-use Swan Park sporting facility and grounds in Yeppoon
  • Boost tourism and jobs by securing an integrated resort license for Central Queensland, with the preference location being Greater Keppel Island.
  • Investment of $100,000 to install bus shelters along roads at Mount Archer to protect commuters using public transport.
  • Work with the Federal Government to reactivate the 10-year Bruce Highway Action Plan, which will upgrade key sections of the highway.

Brittany Lauga - Labor:


ALP candidate Brittany Lauga
Labor candidate for Keppel Brittany Lauga Trish Bowman

It is important we continue to build on our achievements to date. That is why a re-elected Palaszczuk Government will work to strengthen Central Queensland by creating jobs, building infrastructure and delivering the services the region needs.

  • Extra $22 million for Works for Queensland to deliver critical community infrastructure in Central Queensland.
  • Continuing the Back to Work program to match Central Queensland employers with jobseekers.
  • $70 million for Building our Regions Stage 4.
  • Up to $10 million for manufacturing hub in Rockhampton.
  • A Household Resilience Program to provide grants for low-income owners of older homes in cyclone prone areas, ultimately resulting in lower insurance.
  • Continued renewable energy boom under Powering Queensland's Future Plan.
  • $755.7 million of road and transport works planned supporting 669 direct jobs in the region.
  • $4.1 million to upgrade and reopen Yeppoon rail line to service JBS abattoir.
  • $3.4 m for boating infrastructure at Corbetts Landing and Thompson's Point, adding to $1.85m to upgrade the existing boat ramp at Stanage Bay.
  • Additional 3,700 new Queensland teachers.
  • More than $60 million to build a new 1500-student high school in Calliope, to open in 2020.
  • $97 million for 52 schools to be fitted with solar panels and 48 to be fitted with Energy Efficient Kits including: Emu Park State School; Yeppoon State and State High School; Rockhampton and North Rockhampton State School; Glenmore State and State High School, Farnborough State School, Frenchville State School, Lakes Creek State School, Mount Archer State School, Parkhurst State School, Taranganba State School, supporting 300 jobs.
  • $2.5 million North Rockhampton State High School .
  • An additional 120 nurses, 20 more midwives and 15 nurse navigators in the Central Queensland HSS.
  • Invest $154 additional state-wide to Specialist Outpatient Strategy.
  • Infrastructure pipeline of $78 million of works, including works on new carpark at Rockhampton Hospital.
  • $2.5 million for expansion into Central Queensland of Deadly Choices Healthy Lifestyle Program.
  • $14.2 million ice rehab detox facility.
  • $8.4 million for country racing in Central Queensland.
  • Free access to Triple P parenting courses until 2020.
  • Commitment that bills for households and small business will not increase above CPI over two years.
  • Energy rebate of $75 for households and $120 for small businesses when signing up for Ergon EasyPay Rewards.
  • No interest loans for solar and batteries with household savings of up to $700 per year.
  • Expanded electricity rebate to health care card holders and increased to $340 per year.
  • $400,000 Mt Archer amphitheatre.
  • $48 million to bring more direct flights and cruise ships to Queensland.
  • $36 million for the Regional Tourism Infrastructure and Experience Development Program.
  • $25 million commitment to rejuvenate Great Keppel Island.

Clancy Mullbrick - Greens:


Greens candidate Clancy Mullbrick
Greens candidate for Keppel Clancy Mullbrick
  • The Greens and I will stand against this corruption in Queensland and multi-national mining corporations and major developers will pay their fair share.
  • The Greens will establish a Queensland Housing Trust to build 200,000 affordable social homes over the next 10 years funded through low interest government bonds and ultimately self-funding.
  • The Greens will invest $15 billion in Queensland over the next 5 years to build publicly-owned clean energy and storage; creating 5,000 jobs every year.
  • I will encourage the local industrial focus towards attracting high value, innovative, eco-sustainable and hi tech business.
  • If elected I will rescind the current lease on Great Keppel Island and reallocate the lease to focus on getting eco, family friendly infrastructure built ASAP.
  • I strongly support the funding of water, power and waste water treatment plant on the proviso they are state of the art, renewable and self-contained on the island in keeping with that natural beauty.
  • I support funding for a Causeway Lake rescue. As an artificial impoundment, a solution to ongoing siltation must be found, whether that is a second inlet at the southern end of the causeway, careful dredging of the acid sulphate silt or revegetation of the catchment to reduce erosion and improve water quality.
  • I support current preferred proposal of enhanced multiple small scale boat ramps decentralised along the coast.
  • I would support funding for an upgrade of Cooee Bay Aquatic Centre subject to a strong business case and community consultation.
  • The iconic heritage listed Railway Station must be preserved and restored. This is the last chance to retain central park style open space and "village" scale in a rapidly developing city centre.
  • I support Seed-funding for the staged development of a new showground and integrated equestrian precinct for the Capricorn Coast contingent on the retention of the existing showgrounds in the heart of Yeppoon as community open space, cricket ground etc.
  • Qld Greens have a strong and fully funded commitment of $10B over 5 years for infrastructure funding across regional Queensland through the creation of a Public Infrastructure Bank.

Matt Loth - One Nation:


One Nation candidate for the seat of Keppel Matt Loth
One Nation candidate for Keppel Matt Loth Trish Bowman
  • A boutique gaming licence for Great Keppel Island.
  • A boat ramp and adequate parking for anglers in Emu Park.
  • Flashing 40km School signs and proper walkways for kids at The Caves State School.
  • The dredging of the Causeway Lake.
  • A fresh look at connecting the Bruce Highway through to Yeppoon via a Northern Access Highway.
  • Additional emergency service personnel in Fire, Police and Ambulance for the Coastal communities.
  • Rookwood Weir to guarantee water security.

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