KEPPEL RESULT: One Nation's Matt Loth says the Keppel result
KEPPEL RESULT: One Nation's Matt Loth says the Keppel result "will go right down to the wire”. Contributed

Keppel's election result is closer than you think

SOME hasty political pundits have already called the seat of Keppel, but doubt still lingers as One Nation's candidate says it will come down to the wire.

Although Labor's Brittany Lauga maintains a commanding leadwith 43 per cent of the primary vote, all eyes are on the LNP's Peter Blundell and One Nation's Matt Loth.

The wait is on to see which of the two parties will collect the two-party preferences as both sit on 25 per cent, separated by just 29 votes.

With 86 per cent of the vote counted, and an estimated 5000 votes still outstanding, Mr Loth warned the race was still wide open.

One Nation candidate for the seat of Keppel Matt Loth
One Nation candidate for Keppel Matt Loth hasn't given up hope. Trish Bowman

"Politics is much like sport, you can't call these things at the beginning of the game, you won't know the result until the very end,” Mr Loth said.

"We're still counting primary votes at the moment, we're not up to preferentials at all.

"We'll see what happens when it happens.”

He expected officials would be unable to call the result before December 5 when the last postal ballots were received.

Greens candidate Clancy Mullbrick has secured 6 per cent of the vote and Mr Loth said he couldn't rule out that some of the Greens preferences flowing in his direction.

Greens candidate Clancy Mullbrick
Greens candidate for Keppel Clancy Mullbrick

"It will be very close with regard to how the preferences may flow,” Mr Loth said.

"We will never know the actual result until the very end.”

Mr Loth lauded the public's support for his party saying "there was a definite change in how people think about politics” before taking aim at Labor's Brittany Lauga for claiming victory on election night.

"You shouldn't be jumping the gun, she claimed victory on Saturday night with only 40 per cent of the vote counted, that was very silly,” Mr Loth said.

"Considering the preferences and the vast amount of votes to go, no one should be claiming it.

"Whatever the result, at the end of the day, it's going to be very, very tight.”

Mrs Lauga said she was still confident regardless of who finished second in Keppel.

ALP candidate Brittany Lauga
Labor's Keppel candidate Brittany Lauga. Trish Bowman

"Even in the worst possible scenario, we still win,” Mrs Lauga said.

"(If they came second) One Nation would still have to collect 99 per cent of the LNP's preferences.”

This situation seems highly unlikely Ms Lauga said given her Keppel scrutineers were seeing 20 per cent of LNP preferences going to Labor and One Nation only receiving 57 per cent of LNP preferences in Rockhampton.