FUNNY BLOKE: Get set for plenty of laughs next month with Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson.
FUNNY BLOKE: Get set for plenty of laughs next month with Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson.

Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson won't change humour to suit PC world

NAVIGATING this modern politically correct world can be a challenge at the best of times but veteran Australian comedian Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson isn't too worried about it.

For the past 40 years, the irreverent 71-year-old has plied his trade performing politically incorrect comical songs around the world, playing over a hundred shows per year, earning himself a cult following in the process.

Calling The Morning Bulletin from Burnie, Tasmania in advance of his (estimated 12th) return to Rockhampton next month for the 2018 Almost Awesome tour, the man born in Sydney under the name Dennis Bryant, described in his easy going manner how he went from being Kalgoorlie electrician to a career comedian.

ALMOST AWESOME: Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson is coming to Maryborough to solve global boring.
ALMOST AWESOME: Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson is coming to Rockhampton help the city reach its laughter quota. Contributed

"We had a little top 20 cover band and when the song drifted away from the top 20 I used to quite often sit at home alone, with or without a beer and rewrite the lyrics, then reintroduce the song as a comedy song into the set until eventually we were getting more requests for the f---ed up versions of the songs than we were from the originals,” Kevin said.

He describes his act as consisting of 80 per cent songs and is currently in the midst of working on his 19th album - his second Christmas album - which he was preparing to road test material from on his upcoming tour before returning to the recording studio.

Featuring a song roasting Cardinal George Pell and fun song titles like It's beginning to look like syphilis, A way with the stranger and Silent wife, the new album promises to deliver the laughs in time for Christmas.

COMEDY ICON: Australian comedian Kevin Bloody Wilson has been cracking up audiences for 40 years.
COMEDY ICON: Australian comedian Kevin Bloody Wilson has been cracking up audiences for 40 years. Contributed

Kevin's touring show is a real family affair with his wife Betty handling the business side of things and his daughter Jenny Talia (born as Tammy-Jo Bryant) slated as his opening act.

One of his biggest problems these days is what to leave off his set list from his 200-300 song back catalogue, which collectively has sold almost four million albums.

"There will always be some of the early ones like Santa Claus, Living next door to Allan, Do you f--- on first dates, It was over before it began, and those songs will always be a part of it,” he said.

COMEDY ICON: Australian comedian Kevin Bloody Wilson has been cracking up audiences for 40 years.
LIGHT HEARTED: Australian comedian Kevin Bloody Wilson really doesn't take things too seriously. Contributed

"You get really good feedback in as much that people sing along with it, that to me is the joy of the show, is that everybody's getting into it.

"[A crowd favourite from the] last ten years has been a song called D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F, I always open the show with that song, it really does set up what the show's about and it gets everybody singing along, it's a great way to get the show started.”

The acronym D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. (which stands for Do I look like I give a f---?) is tattooed on Kevin's wrist, summing up his unapologetic approach towards making potentially offensive jokes in a society which has become increasingly more politically correct.

"It is very much a mantra, I really don't give a f---,” he said.

Kevin Bloody Wilson will bring down the Great Western when he performs there next month.

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Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson has toured through Rockhampton at least 12 times. Contributed

"Everybody's worried about everyone else, what they say is offensive, or they are offended by certain things that they say or do, well if that's the case, well stay offended, I don't give a f--- you know.

"I'm not going to live to anyone else's rules, my rules that I set myself are absolutely within the boundaries of decency and fair play, that's all that matters.”

He said people were entitled to their views and opinions but they should "stick to their knitting”, stay clear of what he's doing and focus more on their own lives.

Kevin Bloody Wilson is on his way to Roma.
Kevin Bloody Wilson wants you in his audience.

"Here's a great analogy I heard recently - if you have a sense taken from you, like your sight, your other senses become exaggerated like your hearing and your sense of feel,” Kevin said.

" It's the same when people lose their sense of humour, their sense of self importance gets exaggerated and they think that theirs is the only opinion that matters.”

Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson has earned his place in Australia's entertainment history with his boundary pushing songs and if you would like to see the legend while he is in Central Queensland, he's provided plenty of opportunities with his Almost Awesome tour.

Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson pictured during his UK tour. Jason Sheldon

Wednesday 13th June 2018 | 8pm

Harvey Road Tavern, CLINTON QLD

1 Harvey Road, Clinton QLD

07 4978 7102 |

Thursday 14th June 2018 | 8pm

Biloela Anzac Memorial Club, BILOELA QLD

94 Callide Street, Biloela QLD

07 4992 1511 |

Friday 15th June 2018 | 8pm

Emerald Star Hotel, EMERALD QLD

47-51 Clermont Street, Emerald QLD

07 4982 1422 |

Saturday 16th June 2018 | 8pm

Pilbeam Theatre, ROCKHAMPTON QLD

Victoria Parade, Rockhampton QLD

07 4927 4111 |

Sunday 17th June 2018 | 7pm

Capella Cultural Centre CAPELLA QLD

89 Peak Downs Street, Capella QLD

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