Igede Sumantara convicted of sexual assaukt
Igede Sumantara convicted of sexual assaukt

‘Kiss me properly’: Nurse sexually assaults co-worker

A NURSE who forcefully kissed and touched the breast of a co-worker while attending to an elderly dementia patient at an aged care facility in Brisbane has been convicted in court.

Igede Sumantara, 54 from Balmoral, pleaded guilty in the Wynnum Magistrates Court yesterday after being charged with one count of sexual assault.

The court heard at 6.30pm on October 3 last year, Mr Sumantara's victim was working the evening shift at an aged care facility in Lota and was helping the defendant get a dementia patient ready for bed.

While the patient was in the toilet, Mr Sumantara made suggestive comments towards the victim such as "you should leave your partner for me, I'll make you happy".

He then pulled the victim close to him and started kissing her and put his tongue in her mouth before stopping and saying "kiss me properly".

The victim tried to pull away but Mr Sumantara grabbed her arm, pulled her towards him and touched her breast for several minutes.

The victim froze and then managed to escape but not before Mr Sumantara told her "don't tell anyone".

After the victim had put in complaints to the management at the aged care facility as well as the Wynnum Police, Mr Sumantara changed his story more than three times, including claiming the victim had kissed him as well as saying he cuddled her because he "felt sorry" for her.

Igede Sumantara convicted of sexual assault. Picture: Facebook
Igede Sumantara convicted of sexual assault. Picture: Facebook

The police prosecutor, Kristina Steele, said the victim was vulnerable and taken advantage of and requested a period of imprisonment, to be suspended.

Mr Sumantara's defence lawyer, Hamish Farr from Fisher Dore, said his client, who grew up in Bali before moving to Australia in 1988, thought the advances towards were warranted to which Magistrate Sheryl Cornack immediately shut down.

"What, in the workplace," Magistrate Cornack said.

"He had been in Australia for three decades and thinks its OK at work to push yourself on someone … it's OK to stick your tongue in your co-workers mouth and touch her breast."

Mr Farr said Mr Sumantara was severely mistaken and was now ashamed to be before the court on such charges.

When sentencing Mr Sumantara, Magistarate Cornack said everyone in the community was entitled to go to work without being subjected to sexual assault.

"You were working as a nurse in aged care facility and our community requires nurses in aged care facilities and nurses everywhere to be exemplary in their behaviour," she said.

"You had feelings for a co-worker and didn't try to investigate those feelings outside of work, taking her on dates or getting to know her."

Mr Sumantara was convicted and sentenced to two months imprisonment, wholly suspended for 12 months.

Originally published as 'Kiss me properly': Nurse sexually assaults co-worker