EIGHT LIVES LEFT: April recovers from surgery.
EIGHT LIVES LEFT: April recovers from surgery.

Kitten escapes death after shocking case of cruelty

WHEN three-week-old kitten April was abandoned in the Warwick pound's drop-off facility last Wednesday, she faced imminent death from an act of cruelty.

The animal's leg had swollen to almost twice its normal size and the muscle tissue was quickly wasting away due to a serious case of gangrene.

President of animal rescue charity Southern Downs Ark Ann Simon said she asked the pound to let her look at the kitten, even though her condition was described as "fatal".

"It looked like a rubber band or something had been tied right up near her shoulder," she said.

"It would have stopped the circulation and caused this to happen."

April's leg had to be removed after 36 hours of antibiotics failed to stop the spread of the condition.

The little fighter is one of many domestic animals rescued by Southern Downs Ark following abhorrent neglect or abuse.

"We've had a dog that also had its leg removed," she said.

"And we've had to remove the eyes of a couple of kittens."

Mrs Simon founded the charity six years ago after realising how many unwanted cats and dogs there were in Warwick.

"It's horrific, the amount," she said.

"It troubles me terribly."

April the Southern Downs Ark rescue cat recovers from surgery
FUR-TUNATE CAT: April's future looks bright. Southern Downs Ark

The group relies on a small army of dedicated volunteers to foster and rehabilitate animals until they find their "furever" homes, a process that can take between a few days and a few years.

The organisation is currently over-run with abandoned litters of cats and has 21 dogs looking for homes.

Mrs Simon said Warwick residents looking for a furry companion should consider adopting or fostering.

"We're in crisis," she said.

As for April, things are looking up.

The kitten has already learned to walk on three legs and is nearing the end of its final round of antibiotics.

"She's got the most wonderful strong will to live," Mrs Simon said.

"She's a very vocal cat that likes a lot of attention.

"She's doing so well, it's incredible."

April will be available for adoption once healed, microchipped and desexed.

For more information go to www.southerndownsark.com.au.