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Knife-wielding man: 'I'll get the mafia on to you'

"I'LL get the mafia on to you,” a Rockhampton man screamed after threatening to kill two men in a Park Avenue street on Thursday afternoon.

Michael Douglas Colless, 50, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday to one count of going armed in public and causing fear.

Police prosecutor Shayne Studdert said Colless was staying at his former partner's house when two young men she had called to help her with yard work arrived at 5.30pm.

He said Colless met the two men at the gate and words were exchanged before Colless ran up into the kitchen and grabbed a butcher's knife.

Mr Studdert said he then ran down the front stairs armed with the knife towards the two men and went out on to Underwood St where he threatened to kill them.

"Your mum will see you dead,” Colless said.

"I'll get the mafia on to you.”

Mr Studdert said Colless told police he had felt threatened by the two men.

Defence lawyer Brian McGowran said Colless claimed he was chased by one of the men, an 18-year-old, bearing a shovel.

He said Colless claimed he would have left the house if his former partner had asked.

The court heard Colless had convictions for stalking and violence.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke described Thursday's incident as 'outrageous behaviour' by Colless.

Colless was sentenced to three months' prison with immediate parole.