Knife-wielding man threatens Stocklands security guard

A HOMELESS man pursued a Stockland Rockhampton security guard with a knife after being woken up to be moved on.

Scott Michael Algy, 33, pleaded guilty in Rock­hampton Magistrates Court on November 18 to one count of common assault and one count of failing to appear in court.

Police prosecutor Mark Platt said the security guard was patrolling as part of his job and located Algy at 10.23pm on October 20 at the rear of Stockland shopping centre, sleeping under the cover of the car park in front of the Rocky Reef Seafood shop.

He said the guard tried to move Algy on and returned 15 minutes later to find Algy still there.

Mr Platt said the guard argued with Algy, who then produced a knife and pointed it at the victim.

“The victim attempted to evade the knife by stepping backwards and yelling for help,” he said.

Mr Platt said Algy kept threatening the victim, who walked towards his patrol car, followed by Algy.

“As he told him to leave, the defendant again threatened him with a knife,” he said.

Mr Platt said Algy left on foot while the victim got in the vehicle and called police.

Algy was located at 11.10pm asleep in a car park on High St and police found a small knife in a garden nearby.

He was the subject of a suspended court sentence at the time of the offence.

The court was told Algy had been homeless for a year after separating from his partner, and had lost the paperwork about what day he was due in court so he handed himself in to police.

Algy claimed he had the knife for protection and food and on the night of the ­offence, it was the first time he’d got a deep sleep in a long time.

His defence lawyer said Algy was working on getting his life back on track, ­including accommodation and addressing his health needs.

The court was told Algy had a lengthy history of violence including an assault conviction in 2006.

He was fined $250 for failing to appear and three months prison for the assault on the guard.

Algy’s suspended sentence of three months prison, which was handed down in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on June 14, was activated and ordered to be served concurrently.

He was released immediately on parole.