BUDGET TALKS: Treasurer Scott Morrison with Michelle Landry (Member for Capricornia) in Rockhampton at Coxon's Radiators. promoting the budget.
BUDGET TALKS: Treasurer Scott Morrison with Michelle Landry (Member for Capricornia) in Rockhampton at Coxon's Radiators. promoting the budget. Chris Ison ROK160518cmorrison2

Landry confirms Rocky flood levee funding support

CAPRICORNIA MP Michelle Landry says the South Rockhampton flood levee is now out of her hands.

Ms Landry joined Treasurer Scott Morrison in Rockhampton yesterday morning to talk about the federal budget.

It was recently announced Ms Landry was in support of the levy and an application for the project was put forward under Building Better Regions funding.

"The council has put in application for (the levee) and I have given them a letter of support,” she said.

Ms Landry could not confirm if the levee would be successful in this funding.

$50 million was set aside for Building Better Regions in the federal budget last week.

"There is a lot of people that apply for funding in these project,” she said.

"I have done all I can at this stage to promote that project.

"The second round will be opening shortly, if they are unsuccessful this time we will certainly be pushing for it then.”

Mr Morrison said there was a "proper process to how these things are decided”.

"The members rightly support them and they are properly assessed and weighed up,” Mr Morrison said.

"You don't just go around throwing money around like confetti, that's not it works or how we run a country.

"We keep a very tight control on spending and a very tight control on how much taxes are being put on the Australian economy.

"A decision will be made in good time.”

Coming back to the budget, Ms Landry said it was "absolutely fantastic”.

Ms Landry said there was $10 billion committed for the Bruce Hwy and she would push for more passing lanes between Rockhampton and Mackay.

"We will make further announcements about the Bruce Hwy over the course of this year and before the next election,” she said.

Ms Landry said since the 2016 election $400 million dollars in projects has been spent in Capricornia.

"A lot of those have been on road projects,” she said.

"In the next couple of months there is $60 million going towards between Rockhampton and Gracemere.

"There is $56 million around the Rocky Ring Road, these projects take many years to come about.”

Ms Landry also announced the renewal of the $20,000 asset write-off for small businesses.

"It's about small business being able to buy things, another vehicle, another coffee machine, different sorts of tools,” she said.

"The less they (small businesses) have to pay to the government means the more they can invest on growing that business, providing great service, training people, better wages.”

Ms Landry said more budget announcements are yet to be revealed.

"There is significant funds coming,they aren't all announced on budget night, they are rolling out in the next 12 months,” she said.