Member for Keppel Brittany Lauga
Member for Keppel Brittany Lauga Jann Houley

Lauga says state is on track to deliver for regions

AS THE Fair Go for the regions campaign gathers traction, Member for Keppel Brittany Lauga has joined in the pro-region rhetoric while addressing Parliament.

Just over a week ago a delegation of regional representatives, including Rockhampton Region mayor Margaret Strelow, gathered in the capital to argue the case for increased government focus on the regions.

However, Mrs Lauga believed the government was on the right track and said last week's budget proved "we must keep unashamedly investing in all of Queensland's potential, to reverse disadvantage and to care for the most vulnerable in our state”.

"We must continue to drive growth in our regional cities and towns, because our state, more than any other, relies on the prosperity of our regional economies,” she said.

"When our regions do well, all of Queensland does well.”

During her speech, Mrs Lauga told her colleagues the 'fair go' principle was very much a focus of the State Government.

"Our greatest achievements have always come from broadening the meaning of 'fair go' to include more people in its benefits,” she said.

"A strong minimum wage, a fair day's work and a decent pension were once radical notions, but it was Labor that made them universal rights.

"We know how important a good job is to an individual's sense of self and to the stability and health of their family.

"We must continue to support business, particularly small and medium sized businesses, to create jobs.”

She included job estimates in her speech to strengthen her case.

"The proof is in the numbers, because since 2015, 199,000 jobs have been created,” she said.

However, figures released last month by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland suggested the unemployment rate had remained steady at 5.9 per cent.

The CCIQ noted that despite some job growth,the jobs were predominantly in part-time or casual positions - the findings also correlated with ABS data.

During the opposition leader Deb Frecklington's budget reply speech, she announced the LNP if elected next year would place a 10-year freeze on mining royalties to boost long-term investment in the resources industry.

Ms Frecklington said around $50 billion worth of Galilee Basin projects and associated jobs were jeopardised by the State Government's handling of Adani approval processes.

This follows reports that emerged after the May 18 election claiming regional MPs had urged state Labor leadership to consider a reshuffle to better represent the regions.