BOM modelling shows substantial falls for western parts of Capricornia today.
BOM modelling shows substantial falls for western parts of Capricornia today.

Let it pour: Areas of Central QLD could grab up to 100mm

RAIN began falling in western parts of Capricornia on Tuesday afternoon with Jericho summoning 11mm, Blackall picking up 9mm and Longreach 2.2mm as of 5.30pm.

One excited resident, Louise Goodman wrote on Facebook “yahoo it’s finally raining in Blackall, let’s hope it rains all night”.

Her prediction mirrored the Bureau of Meteorology modelling which showed parched areas of Central Queensland could receive falls between 50 and 100mm across the next few days. Emerald may get a thunderstorm on Wednesday as the Central Highlands hub hopes to break its dry run.

Forecaster, Jess Gardner said the chance of 30mm to 50mm falls for the Longreach area would increase to between 50mm and 100mm if severe thunderstorms were to take place.

Areas that would reap the rewards from these heavier falls would range between Tambo and Windorah, Quilpie and Charleville.

“There is an upper system (west of the Central Highlands region) which will bring showers and storms which are likely to stick around for the next few days,” she said.

It appears Clermont’s chance of a shower relies on patchy falls to its west while a chance of thunderstorms was predicted for the town on Wednesday and Thursday.

Similar conditions are predicted for Blackwater this week.

As of today, a 60 per cent chance of showers was forecast for the mining town along with partly cloudy conditions.

Meanwhile, south-easterly winds will bring moisture onshore with isolated showers in Rockhampton on Wednesday.

“Rockhampton is looking to have really small amounts of rain,” she said.

Jess said looking forward to mid-next week, another system will form, but there’s uncertainty surrounding its movements.

“There is a chance of isolated showers for the next seven days,” she said.