LETTER: Hooning is still happening in Rocky

YOU had an article in the paper a few weeks ago about hooning.

I just visited Rockhampton again last weekend and noticed that the hooning is still happening.

I realise the police cannot be everywhere, but obviously the penny hasn't dropped.

The egomaniacs that flaunt the road rules and drive recklessly whether it's hoony or not kill innocent people. I an an ex police officer from another state and my uncle owned a funeral parlour that I worked at part time.

If you have ever walked in a police, ambulance or other emergency workers shoes when they have attended senseless fatal accidents and if you saw what their eyes have seen you wouldn't drive over 20 kilometres an hour.

And believe me there is a lot of people killed by the idiots that hoon, while the hoons themselves live another day.

I say that if you hoon in your own car it should be crushed and dropped on your front lawn like an ice cube.

Do us all a favour - take the bus.